What Would Jesus Sell w. Toby Morrell (Bad Christian / Emery) - The System is Down (Video Interview)

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The Christian entertainment industry is a strange beast. Is it a ministry, is it a business, is it just preaching to the choir, is it a fast pass to moderate monetary success?

To answer some of these questions I went to someone who has been a personal creative influence of mine for almost half of my life and who has been (not entirely intentionally) a part of the Christian entertainment biz that whole time, Toby Morrell of Emery and Bad Christian.

It was a really fun and chill conversation and, where 16 year old Dan would have fan-boy’d out over this guy, 30 year old Dan just appreciates the honor of chatting with a childhood hero and getting to pick his brain a bit on the current state of things.

Toby and the Bad Christian guys also have a documentary in the works titled, What Would Jesus Sell that will inevitably dig into a lot of the topics that we covered in this conversation. For more information on that, Toby’s bands, his podcasts and everything else, just check out the links below.

Alright… let’s get weird.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76adDwor0rc

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