Talking Witchcraft (Pt 1) w. Occultist Witch, Lailoken Scathach (Video Interview)

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Well, here's one that's sure to ruffle some feathers, but that's the inevitable result in having a truly uncomfortable conversations podcast.

I know that a good amount of my listeners are religious or conspiracy minded people, so while I am fully prepared for your inevitable "satanist shill" or "evil sympathizer" accusations, I would just ask that you go ahead and chill the heck out. This is the place where we have civil conversations about topics that are uncomfortable or misunderstood and, while Lailoken is admittedly not the end-all representation of witches or Wiccan theology, he was very kind, civil, and informative on the topic from his own experience.

So, regardless of your backgrounds, your beliefs, your perceptions of witchcraft, your fears, or anything else, I encourage you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a lighthearted conversation between a Christian and a Witch on the topic of witchcraft. Did Ken convert me and convince me to sacrifice goats and drink the blood of my enemies in homage to satan?.... Um, no. Don't be stupid. But he did successfully educate me further on a topic that I have speculated on and known little about and hopefully you'll lear a little something yourself. Enjoy.

Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable.

Let's get weird!


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