Stop Working for Someone Else’s Dream w. Jason Stapleton - The System is Down (Video Interview)

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Do you just love your daily 9-5 job and working for the weekend? What if you didn't have to clock-in and clock-out of the system every day? What if you didn't have to wear pants to work? What if you were able to get paid handsomely for something that you're actually passionate about?

Today's episode is my conversation with the great Jason Stapleton of The Jason Stapleton Program, where we discussed all the joys and struggles of entrepreneurship. Jason shares his back story from childhood to the Marines to self-made entrepreneur and beyond. If you think there's something standing in your way of pursuing your passion, it's probably YOU and hopefully this conversation will be the boot that you need to go out and make it happen.

So, if you think that this just sounds like some sort of self-help motivational speech... you're probably right and to that I say... you're welcome! Go get it!

The Jason Stapleton Program:


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