Leftist SJW Maniac Changes His Mind w. Tyler Baggins (Video Interview)

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The question of the day is… What would it take for you to change your mind?… We all have deep set beliefs on everything from politics, to religion, to social issues, to conspiracies, and beyond. I would encourage you to question why it is that you believe what you believe and what evidence to the contrary it would take for you to believe the opposite.

My guest today is a great example of the of value of having an open mind. You might not know him by name just yet. You might know him as “Unhinged Backflipping #NeverTrump Activist”. Tyler Baggins is a man who tasted some internet fame when a video of him angrily screaming at Trump supporters and failing to land a backflip outside a Trump rally went viral. This video was shared around by outlets like Infowars and Vice and quite often understandably used as an example of the irrationality of the hard leftist protesters.

But that was then…. and now…. Tyler is a Trump supporter. gasp

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8LSJkp23OE

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