How SJWs Raped Comedy w. Brian McWilliams (Video Interview)

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The question of the day is.... Is there a line in comedy that should not be crossed? Are there things that just shouldn't be joked about?

We're living in a strange time, where definitions of words are changing, where speech is violence, where you have to constantly walk on eggshells if you're concerned about offending someone. With all of these fragile new norms, comedy has tragically gotten more and more watered down to fit into a mold.

Today's episode is my conversation with Brian McWilliams of Electric Libertyland on the Lions of Liberty podcast. He and I talk about the current state of our culture in comedy, entertainment, and social media and the toll that politically correct social justice ideologies are taking on them.

All of that and much more on today's episode of The System is Down, How SJWs Raped Comedy.

Question Everything and Stay Uncomfortable


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