97: Talking Freemasonry w. Freemasons

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Do you believe there is more to Freemasonry than meets the... eye?

In the wide world of conspiratorial lore, one group who's name pops up far too frequently is that of the Freemasons. Many believe that there is a shadow government or an illuminati secret society that pulls the strings behind the scenes of politics, Hollywood, and virtually every large aspect of our day to day functions and the Freemasons are somehow tied up into the history of that hidden hierarchy.

With all the accusations that are thrown around by conspiracists about the Freemasons, I've noticed a bizarre lack of anyone actually sitting down with Freemasons to get their side of the story and their take on all the theories and mysterious assumptions. So I did... because that's what we do here.

Today's episode is my conversation with two Freemasons, Howie Snowden and Andrew Sichling about their history with the fraternity, the good, the bad, and what they think about all the suspicious theories. In addition (and fully aware that it probably makes me a shill somehow), both of these men are not only listeners to, but supporters of this show.

Will the Freemasons use their mind control trickery to convince me that Freemasons aren't servants of the devil? What really goes on inside a Freemasonic ritual? Why do Freemasons support my show? Find out now on today's episode of The System is Down, Talking Freemasonry w. Freemasons. Enjoy.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmjlp9hcL3k

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