95: Exposing Project Dragonfly w. Remso Martinez

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The question of the day is..... What is the cost of convenience? How far are we willing to let crony corporations go in removing our freedoms in exchange for "free" services?

Today's episode is my conversation with podcaster, journalist, author, and good friend of the show, Remso Martinez from the Remso Martinez Experience. Remso has been actively doing his part to expose corrupt crony corporations like Facebook and Google and shed light on the ways that they are subtly devaluing and removing our liberties little by little.

On January 19, 2019, Google employee Max Pappas, manager of Google’s External Outreach and Public Policy Partnerships, gave a speech at LibertyCon 2019 titled “Why Permissionless Innovation Needs to be Defended” in front of a crowd of libertarian students and other attendees in order to paint Google as a defender and advocate for access to the beneficial world of opportunity the internet provides.

During Pappas’ Q & A session after his speech, Remso asked him publicly whether Google reflected on the backlash they received as a result of the exposure of Project Dragonfly, Google's now open secret, in which they planned to assist the Chinese authoritarian government and report citizens with harmless controversial browser history. Unsurprisingly, Pappas played dumb and denied any knowledge of Project Dragonfly. 

If Google is willing to flat-out lie in the faces of it's customers in attempt to sweep it's nefarious actions under the rug, what else is going on behind the curtain of your friendly neighborhood search engine? 

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mId9LhNPf4U

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