92: Oumuamua: Our Interstellar Visitor w. Dr. Avi Loeb of Harvard University (Video Interview)

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The question of the day is.... what do we do when "settled science" is challenged by new discovery?

Welcome to a brand new year and a brand new batch of "uncomfortable" conversations. I wanted to kick of the year in a big banging beautiful way and I believe that's exactly what we're doing today.

Today's episode is my conversation with Harvard University Professor of Science, Dr. Abraham (Avi) Loeb on his controversial thoughts about our first interstellar visitor, Oumuamua.

Dr. Loeb has a list of credentials as long as my arm, a vast body of work in the scientific community, and most importantly, a much more humble and open mind than many of his colleagues seem to. So, when an interstellar space object was spotted in our solar system that seemed to have many unnatural traits to it, Avi proposed that the object might, in fact, be of unnatural origin, a possibility that others in the scientific community aren't yet willing to consider.

Have we spotted the first sign of intelligent life in the universe outside of ourselves? What do scientists have to hide? Will Dan be able to resist bringing up his crazy anti-science conspiracy theories?

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbRcPiO5yr4

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