86: The Real Assassination of JFK w. Ole Dammegard (pt. 2)

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Today’s episode is the continuation of my conversation with the great Ole Dammegard on who really assassinated John F. Kennedy. We’ll be picking right back up where we left off last week, so if you missed part one, definitely go check that out first, so you know what’s going on here. Ole has been researching this topic for longer than I’ve even been alive and I consider him to be an expert on the topic, if there ever was one. It’s always great to have Ole on and pick the brain of someone far wiser and more knowledgable on these topics than I. Regardless of what you think about the JFK assassination or the theories that Ole is putting forward, this topic is one that definitely needs to continued to be brought up and dug into. As present and future generations are dumbed down with media and distractions, I predict it will become harder and harder to keep these stories alive and keep people aware of the high-power corruptions in this world, so please join me in this search for truth and continue to spread and discuss what you find. Let’s change the world, one uncomfortable conversation at a time. Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable. Let’s get weird! Light on Conspiracies: http://lightonconspiracies.com  ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4fXI1Zv9-s

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