70: Let's Talk About Masculinity

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The question of the day is.... What is masculinity?We live in a strange time where men are either not "manly" enough, or they're "manly" to a "toxic" fault. So, where's the line? Is there a box that defines your level of manhood and are you less of a man if you step outside that box? I hope not because if I wasn't born outside that box from the start, before I learned to climb, I think I burned the walls of that box down and ran away... but that's just me.  Today's episode is my conversation with two manly men, my good friends, Nathan Sipes and CR Pendleton on this topic of masculinity. I think that it's easy to bicker back and forth about these things like they are social or political issues without realizing how our thoughts, words, and actions will inevitably affect the world and the expectations that future generations are being born into. Are we raising our sons in a world where they can feel safe to be themselves or even to be their biological gender? All that and much much more on today's episode of The System is Down.

Question Everything and Stay Uncomfortable  Let's get weird!

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