60: The Horrifying #OperationBackYardBrawl Continues (06-07-2018)

Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

Well, we're continuing with the unconventionality because I feel pretty strongly about this case and keeping you guys and gals up to date on what's happening. If you're not familiar, check out episode 59 where we broke down the first days of Veterans on Patrol's attempt to expose child sex slavery camps and what appears to be the media and government's attempt to stop them.  #OperationBackYardBrawl is a prime example of what this show is all about, Questioning Everything and Staying Uncomfortable. These brave men and women are putting politics and differences aside, putting themselves in harms way, and doing the hard tasks that the authorities not only refuse to do, but seem to be trying to prevent. In today's episode, Craig and I continue our dig and bring you the latest updates to the best of our knowledge. This case is unfolding quickly in real time right before our eyes and while everyone else chooses to ignore it, as long as there is new evidence to report, you can bet we're going to continue to report on it. Help spread the word. We need all eyes on this case before it disappears. Your regular funcomfortable content will return to it's normal schedule soon. In the meantime... Question Everything and Stay Uncomfortable https://www.facebook.com/VOP-Alpha-Co-Team-Pulaski-1415347948612114/ http://quitefranklypodcast.com http://tsidpod.com The Downers Club: http://patreon.com/thesystemisdown  Open Discussion: http://tsidpod.com/forum Buy Some SWAG: http://tsidpod.com/shop  ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW-73nKKP3s

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