57: Young Marriage = Divorce?

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The question of the day is, should people get married young? I personally got married as young as I possibly could and it's had many a rocky season, but I have a plethora of friends who seem to all have the same story as each other... they got married young, it lasted for a few years and fell apart. What is the cause of this trend or epidemic? Should you be making such life changing commitments several years before your brain, personality, and identity are even fully developed? What do you think?On today's episode, I had a funcomfortable chat with two of my good friends, Kyle Richards and Jonas Winn, who fell into this trend of short-lived young marriages. They were kind enough to share their stories and compare their experiences on how it all went down, from their perspective. What are the reasons, where are they now, and would they do it again? All of that and more on today's episode of The System is Down "Young Marriage = Divorce?" Question Everything and Stay Uncomfortable

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