48: The Real Waco w. Survivor, David Thibodeau

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Today’s episode is the conclusion of our series on Waco. Last week’s episode was my conversation with Gary Noesner who was the FBI negotiator on the case, so if you missed that, you definitely need to go check it out. On this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of getting the other side of the story from Branch Dividian and one of the few Waco survivors, David Thibodeau. 25 years ago today, David was right in the middle of this mess knowing that any day he could be shot and killed essentially for his beliefs. Thankfully, he made it out and I am honored to be able to get to speak with him and help share his story.

David Thibodeaus Book:https://www.amazon.com/Place-Called-Waco-Survivors-Story/dp/1891620428 Waco the Miniseries: http://www.paramountnetwork.com/shows/waco http://tsidpod.com The Downers Club: https://patron.podbean.com/thesystemisdown  ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NSXmNm_0Ws

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