23: Generational Sins Drops Far More Truth Bombs Than "F" Bombs, So Grow Up! w. Spencer Folmar

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On today’s episode, I had the pleasure of once again chatting with film director, Spencer Folmar about his upcoming film, Generational Sins, which comes out this Friday! Since our last episode, I have watched a pre-screening of the film, so we got to really dig into the movie more in depth.  If you listen to this show regularly, you’ll know that this was much more than a promotional pat on the back. I was happy to share my thoughts good and bad and even poke a little fun at a few things in the film with Spencer. You can’t set out to make a real movie showing real gritty life and expect your reviewers to not be real with their takeaway. Spencer was a great sport, as always, and it was a really fun real conversation and a pleasure. Enjoy!

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