22: Bigfoot, The Jesus Conspiracy, and More w. Nate Henry from Sherwood

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On today’s episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the great Nate Henry of the Don’t Feed the Trolls Podcast and the band Sherwood. Nate was recently a guest on The Bad Christian Podcast (which is one of my personal favorite shows), to talk about Bigfoot and conspiracy theories, but when tangent talks on current events went on for a little longer than expected, the conspiracy talk, which I so greatly enjoy, got cut a little short. So I thought it would be fun to get Nate on The System is Down, where we really let our freak-flags fly, and he was gracious enough to give me his time. On the main episode, we dug into primarily Bigfoot and the Jesus Conspiracy, while on the bonus hour (which will be coming out later this week) we touched on everything from Aliens, to the moon landing, to 9/11, JFK and much more. If you’re interested in the bonus hour, you can get access to that and more by clicking the link below and joining our brand new Downers Club. But regardless of whatever you decide to do… Let’s get weird.

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