147: Paul McCartney is DEAD

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The question of the day is... Who is "Paul" and why do these crazy theories about his alleged death persist 54 years later?

Today's episode is a dig into the theory that Paul McCartney did, in fact, die in 1966 and was replaced for the duration of the Beatles run and remains an imposter to this day.

For this discussion, I am joined by my cohort, Scott McElroy of QAnon Chronicles in this quest to find out why some people still believe that Paul is actually "Faul". In our short discussion we dig pretty deep into all the clues and reasons, but there are still many many out there that we didn't even get to that lend credence to the outlandish idea that Paul McCartney is dead.

Is Paul a double? Is the real Paul dead? What about the real Joe Biden?

All that and more on today's episode of The System is Down episode 147: Paul McCartney is DEAD.

Some Faul Clues: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/clarky8499/





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