145: Bigfoot, Nephilim, Aliens, and Ticks, w. Nate Henry (Sherwood / Don’t Feed the Trolls)

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The question of the day is again,... do you believe in giants?

Much of our history, past and present has given credence to massive human-like beings, but they remain in lore. I'll be the first to admit that I personally didn't ever care much for the bigfoot and cryptozoology side of conspiracy things, as it didn't have much broad spectrum impact, but it being tied into the grander scheme is far more fascinating.

On today's episode I'm talking again with Nate Henry of the band Sherwood and the podcast Don't Feed the Trolls. Nate came on last time with some bigfoot information, but after some health issues that put him out of commission for a good while, he now comes with much more important implications that make the theory far more deep and interesting.

Will I change my stance on caring about bigfoot? Is bigfoot a demon alien species? And what role do ticks play in all of this and trying to undermine Nate's message and beliefs?

All that and more on today's episode of The System is Down episode 145: 145: Bigfoot, Nephilim, Aliens, and Ticks, w. Nate Henry (Sherwood / Don't Feed the Trolls)

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