142: Getting to Know Nate Tucker w. Nick Tucker (Chipped Tooth Podcast)

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Many podcasters take a full break this time of year because we all know that the numbers are gonna dip during this season anyway, but not The System is Down. I know there are some of you who may not have family to celebrate with, still have to plug in all the full work weeks, and maybe don't even celebrate the holidays. Because of that, I like to keep the content coming, so you have some fun for your ears regardless of your own personal situation.

I do, however, like to make the holiday season episodes a little more laid back, casual, and fun. So, today's episode is my free form conversation with long time friend and supporter of the show Nate (Nick) Tucker of the Chipped Tooth Podcast.

Nate's podcast is a little more free form stream of consciousness than this one. He and Ben touch on news items and current events, but it's primarily just a relaxed enjoyable conversation between two friends. Sometimes I envy that simpler format. So, that's kinda what we're doing here today. Rather than forcing Nick into a single topic, I thought we'd just shoot the shit, talk about his podcast, talk about his interests, get to know each other a bit, and let whatever happens happen. It was a lot of fun.

Is The Office a great show? Did man walk on the moon? Has Nick pissed his pants from playing scary video games? Who is Nate?

Find out now on today's episode of The System is Down episode 142: Getting to Know Nate Tucker w. Nick Tucker of the Chipped Tooth Podcast.

Question Everything. Stay Uncomfortable. Let’s get weird!

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