103: Life is UNPLANNED w. Activist, Abby Johnson

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The question of the day is....... Abortion... Who are we throwing away? What great mind, innovator, or revolutionary are we preventing from ever existing because their existence was "Unplanned"?

Today's episode is my conversation with one of my all time favorite returning guests, former Planned Parenthood director turned Pro-Life activist and just all-around fascinating individual, Abby Johnson.

I had Abby on the show way back in episode 64 to talk about her game and mind (including my own) changing book, Unplanned. That book has now been made into a game-changing film that, against all odds, will inevitably be turning some heads and hopefully changing some hearts and minds upon its release this weekend.

I have shared my general disdain for the vast majority of faith-based films in the past. They all seem to park the "message" cart before the "art" horse and end up as preach to the choir, cheesy, un-relatable drivel. So when I heard that Abby's book was getting the "faith-based film" treatment, I was both elated for the possibilities of bringing Abby's powerful story to the big screen and a new needing audience... and terrified of the idea of it not getting the raw real and downright ugly representation that the story truly deserves.

I am delighted to say, after speaking with both the author and the actor and viewing a screener of the film... I am VERY happy with the outcome and surprisingly, highly recommend it.... Thank. God! ;)

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QReesvgcaa0

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