102: Life is UNPLANNED w. Actress, Ashley Bratcher

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The question of the day is...... Is it possible to make a film adaptation of Abby Johnson's book, Unplanned, that actually does it justice?.... Spoiler alert.... Yes. :D

Today's episode is my conversation with the incredible actor, Ashley Bratcher, who portrayed our good friend Abby Johnson in the upcoming film, Unplanned.

Now I know,... it's a faith based film. We all know how those typically go, but I've had the pleasure of watching the film and I am elated to say that it honestly is a great piece of art and not a preachy plastic inauthentic cheese fest. It will seriously challenge you and you all know, I'm not one to dole out the unwarranted endorsements on "faith based art".

Ashley was a great guest and such a transparent and fun person to talk to. She shared her experience in being cast for the role of Abby in the film along with her own personal moving story about her experience with abortion.

Am I being too kind?.. Well, that's not something I've ever been accused of before, but seriously, go watch the film and judge for yourself.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpDO0P0z1g4

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