GoPro Giveaway 2017 Smashed

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Follow this link to Steph's Facebook page and like to find out where you could collect the GoPro from Steph in person and yes, that means you will be in the vlog. And don't worry he's going to quite a few countries this April. So what are you waiting for, hit the subscribe button if you have not yet and go to his Facebook page and like to secure your chance to win it's that easy.

The prize up for grabs:

Show notes: In this video, Steph set the record straight about his GoPro giveaway and smashes the subscriber count from 7500 to 750 just because you guys are such awesome subscribers.

*This is not a sponsored giveaway. The GoPro up for grabs comes straight out of Steph's camera bag.


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