Making Legend Tribute Cold Process Soap

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Sorry for all of the background noise. We have a house full of kids and dogs. We are a husband and wife of 20 years and make a funny soaping team!
One of my greatest passions is music. ALL music. My favorite music is heavy metal music. When I first thought of this soap it was really a tribute to Black Sabbath and Metallica. That being said there are so many great musicians out there both in the past and in the present. I could not limit myself to two so it became the “Legend Tribute” soap for all of the great musicians out there! The scent is a woodsy and musky manly scent. This soap has been in planning stage for over a month. The green and blue colors I chose I thought would have a greater contrast. Hopefully with time and a full cure the colors will contrast more. Here is my tribute to all of the musicians who have left us, all the musicians still with us and the great ones to come!

If you haven’t already, check out one of my favorite soapers, Kenny from Royal Apple Berry:

She is full of life and is so positive it is just contagious!

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