Podcast #40 Attraction, Pick Up, Masculinity And Relationships

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Jeffrey in his own words...

"Over the past six years, in addition to one-on-one VIP coaching, I have produced and led over 170 live workshops, day-long intensives for both men and women on dating, sex and communication. I’ve also had the honor of serving as one of the lead facilitators at the Authentic Man Program (AMP), a life-changing course for men.

My work and writing have been featured in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, ABC News, The Good Men Project and Elephant Journal. I’ve got both Brazilian and US passports, love salsa (dance and condiment) and am a DJ, yoga teacher and former amateur stand-up comedian. And I love spending time with my beautiful wife, Vanessa.

In this podcast we speak to Jeffrey about confidence, the pick up community, context in a relationship and much more. Definitely worth a listen!

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