Words that Fudge: Religion. Jordan Peterson, Heidegger, Ayn Rand Conf.

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Is religion a set of supernatural beliefs, a set of rites or ceremonies, the organizing axioms of your life, or the language best suited to address that which is most basic to life's choices?

Ayn Rand Conference https://youtu.be/lOU7-33BMY4 Jordan Peterson at Lafayette https://youtu.be/V32WHDuy-Do Previous video on Faith and Woke Religion https://youtu.be/k9ACXtG_B1A Heresy Alistar McGrath https://www.amazon.com/Heresy-History-Defending-Alister-McGrath-ebook/dp/B002SVQCVA Heidegger on Religion https://youtu.be/3WDmRAASuKc Rupert Sheldrake Creation https://iai.tv/video/something-and-nothing?access=all

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