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My husband was waxing a bird table that he put together. My accent is combo British American, but my accent alters depending how often, I speak to my American Dad, but my mum that was raised and born here sounds more American than me. So don't judge me by my accent, as I'm British born and came home in 1989.

This is a brief video of an orb in my husband's flat, while waiting to be rehoused again. A homeless charity houses him and I'm in a care home from our illegal eviction.

I'm a sensitive and always have been. I've had visitors from the age of four. I've got Sarcoidosis and Leaukemia. I know that I'm not long for this world. I praise YHWH YESHOUA HA'MASHIAC AND RAUCH HAKODESH for the life they gave me and looking forward to going home.

As I say in the video, I've heard footsteps in the flat, when I've been on my own. It wasn't dust. We know somebody passed away in our flat (our- when I'm with him and helped put together. ...

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