Off Grid Log Cabin Build - Scribe Fit Part 2

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Part 1 - Scribing and Notching Part 2 - Chainsaw work on lateral and saddle notches

Well the foundation and floor is done, now begins the laborious task of building walls. So you want to scribe fit your logs?... in this two part video I'll show you how I am using the scribe-fit technique to build my off grid log cabin.

The basic method of building scribe-fit log walls has remained unchanged for centuries. One log at a time, a log is placed on top of another and then using a Scribe (divider with bubble levels), carefully run the tool along the bottom log which transfers it's unique contours onto the log above.

I should add that this is definitely NOT the fastest way for one man to build a house. If you are in a hurry to get a roof over your head, as I am before the snow starts to fly, you may want to consider a different log building method. I do believe that scribe fitting offers a better look , tightest fit and best insulation value of all the hand-crafted styles.

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