BIG WILD mountain goats and the BIG AGNES air mattress

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So here I am on a little weekend excursion trying out a new sleep system combining my bivy sack and the Big Agnes Air Core Ultra air mattress.

Given the terrain on this trip and the fact that I had decided to make the summit with my mountain bike I had to keep things as light as possible. Also my overall load had to be as small as possible since I would literally be carrying my bicycle up the mountain. I also knew I would more than likely be sleeping on rocks and that opportunities to create a warm base pad using branches or leaves would be slim to none.

Compared to my trusty lightweight Thermarest the Big Agnes is a litter lighter, it packs smaller and offers more insulation due to the thicker air baffles. I also like the dump valve, open it and the air dumps out really quick.

CONCLUSION__ The sleeping pad I have here is 20"x78"x3.5" and weighs approximately 22oz/621g. The Big Agnes air mattress appears to be well made, I found it comfortable and it offered great insulation considering the fact that I was sleeping on cold rocks. I am not sure if it will hold up as long as my Thermarest which has been used and abused for several years. The fabric used on the BA appears to be a little thinner and potentially more prone to puncture. I could be wrong on this as only time and use will tell. I should add that BA came with a puncture repair kit.


  • Made out of Durable nylon fabric
  • Aviation grade TPU lamination technology for ultimate durability
  • Rated to Above Freezing
  • Light and compact warm weather pads
  • Built-in advanced heat reflective technology
  • Antimicrobial treatment inside the pad prevents microorganism growth
  • Minimalist I-Beam construction reduces weight and provides consistent stability and comfort
  • Larger outer chambers keep you comfortably cradled in the middle of the pad

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