Dear Facebook (Facebook Take Me Back) - Official Music Video

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

This should get me banned again. EVERYBODY SING!!!L - YRICS BELOW (Some photos used under the FAIR USE copyright law for satire.)

Dear Facebook (Facebook Take Me Back) VERSE 1: Dear Facebook, hope you're doing fine And life is treating you well I have this one thing on my mind And I just have to tell you now

CHORUS 1: Facebook take me back I don't want to be alone I don't want to be a Nag of bother, but Facebook take me back I can't get you on the phone Is it possible that you no longer care

PRE VERSE 1: What have I done to you? I live my whole day through Never wanting to upset your algorithm Never trying to be head strong Did I upset the status quo, no longer with 'em? Did you not want me all along? Tell me where did I go wrong

VERSE 2: I gave you all my data And all my money, too You said you'd call me later Why did I put all my faith in you?

CHORUS 2: But Facebook take me back I got no use for my phone I've been waiting for a human to answer Facebook take me back I've been lost and so alone And you've been treating me like I'm the cancer now.

PRE VERSE 2: I asked you what went wrong Your A-I's oh, so strong You said you'd check into my case in a form letter Then you left me in the ozone You said my views were much too fake and you knew better And then you left me all alone. Left me hanging by the phone.

BRIDGE: My patience is wearing thin I don't think I'm out of place Here's how the end begins Do you remember MySpace??

Never gonna say it again...

CHORUS Repeats

Dear YouTube, hope you're doing fine

And life is treating you well...

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