MegaMan - A Tribute to Spiked-Wall Man

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This is an NES rom hack of MM1 (1987). This was made as an inspiration to the "MegaMan Fails At Life" video by YouTube user CMSPyrowolf. If I am mistaken about the owner of that video, please tell me and I will correct this straight away.

In any event, special thanks to DanSoft for the RockAndRoll program for making this possible.

This is simply a prototype hack. I am an amateur rom hacker; just starting out doing this. I'm sure with enough time and experience, it'll get better. Thanks for watching. Please keep hateful or mean comments to yourself. This is just me having fun and sharing this with my friends. If the video is not to your liking, please move on.

Original rom: MegaMan; Copyright ©1987, Capcom; licensed by Nintendo of America, Inc. ...

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