Action Replay Max for PS2 - How to get codes to work on backup games.

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Personally, I despise corporations that go out of their way to please even bigger ones. This video brings to light at least marginal evidence of this. Did someone say "Datel" and "Sony"?

Anyway, the Action Replay Max: A device that was re-engineered in 2003 by Datel after Sony successfully proved that their previous (old) "Action Replay" could boot CD-R PS2 (illegitimately copied) games without the use of a system mod. But, Datel overhauled it waaaaaaay too well.

Even with a modchip in the system, it is not possible to use cheat codes on backup games by conventional means. Instead, a manual lid button interrupt switch must be installed as well as swapping discs twice. It's a pain, but I couldn't think of any other way. Enjoy.

Added 6/29/2011: Okay, people keep asking me why they can't get this to work. Everyone that has private messaged me so far has reported using the ARMax EVO edition (I assume the 2009 release). I own the ARMax from 2003. ...

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