Cutting up the Willy's! (Jeep Build Ep. 04)

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Welcome to episode 04 for the Willy's Jeep Build! Today we are starting the teardown/cutting on the Willy's. This started out as just the floor removal, which quickly esceleded to me needing to build nearly all the body panels from scratch! I also located and picked up my new engine!

Hi, my name is DJ and welcome to Limitliss! I am obsessed with designing and fabricating, and my mind is always going. I've done full paint jobs, custom built tools, carbon fiber fabrication, full car builds. Once I get an idea in my head, I always see it through, no matter the challenges it presents!

I hope you all stick around and check out some of videos and please comment! I will do my best to answer any questions you have!

Check out the build series intro to hear all about this Willy's Jeep build project.

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This Jeep build is going to be epic! Very low, custom chassis, pushrod suspension, sportbike engine in the front, Porsche transaxle in the rear. I hope to be scared by this beast! Nothing better than a bike engine car.

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