The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show With Kimberly Meredith on Tue, 1 Oct, 2019

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#Medicalmedium #Healer #Consciousness Mediumship healer Kimberly Meredith channels the Holy Spirit in order to heal a guest on this episode of the Medical Intuitive Miracle Show. Kimberly uses her medical mediumship to reveal the guest’s underlying medical conditions , then channels the energy of God to bring healing to the guest. Kimberly’s mediumship manifests through higher-dimensional messages transmitted through her blinking eyes, indicating which areas of the body are healthy and which are unhealthy. With the guest’s permission, Kimberly conducts the healing using prayer and laying-on of hands, during which the individual opens their heart to receive the healing.

Kimberly hosts the syndicated radio program, The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show, broadcast live weekly in Southern California on KCAA Radio 102.3 FM - 1050 AM - 106.5 FM and streaming worldwide on, Stitcher, iHeartRADIO, Tiki, and Spreaker. Many listeners have reported experiencing healing simply by listening to the sound of her voice on the radio and YouTube.

Kimberly Meredith is a Medical Medium , Trance Channeler, Hands-on Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. Blessed with a unique array of extraordinary healing and psychic abilities, Kimberly is quickly gaining recognition as one of the world’s most gifted Medical Mediumship Healers and foremost Spiritual Speakers. Kimberly channels messages through her eyes’ blinking codes as a tool of communication from God, Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, and Angels. Kimberly is often compared to Edgar Cayce, the Father of Holistic Medicine, a Medical Intuitive, and the most documented psychic of the 20th Century.

Through her healing mediumship and blinking eyes, Kimberly is directed by God to perform laying-on of hands or psychic surgery. She can “scan” or see into the body faster and more accurately than the fastest MRI and thermography machines. Kimberly has healed and helped many thousands of people, removing tumors, restoring hearing, curing cancer, correcting immobility, and completely healing people of many types of physical and emotional disease through the Holy Spirit. Kimberly leads miraculous worldwide healing events during which many are healed.

To better understand her abilities, Kimberly was recently invited to undergo testing with Dr. Norm C. Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, and a neurosurgeon with over 45 years spent working with spiritual healers. The proof is in the testing. The results were profound. Dr. Shealy’s tests of Kimberly recorded her ability to heal even through walls. Dr. Shealy concluded that Kimberly appears to emit scalar energy, a unique type of energy associated with genius inventor Nikola Tesla. In 2017, Kimberly was selected by PsyTek Subtle E ...

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