Ashlaine @ Eighteen (Debut Full Coverage) 2019

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I covered my niece's debut party at Tyvo Resort in Antipolo with my Canon m50 w/ kit lens. I also used an iPhone when I ran out of memory space and I had to scramble to transfer the files to my laptop.

It's my very first debut full coverage. And I had no prior experience, except the week before when my other niece, Jam, had her debut. But I was mostly darting in and out of the way of the videographers who were doing the coverage. I still need to finish the edit on that one. I shot this mostly handheld because I didn't bring a proper tripod with me, just the gorilla/octopus type. That's why it had a lot of shaking and movement in the shots.

I edited this on DaVinci Resolve 15 ( I'm still learning how to edit and use this software so it's still taking me quite a while to finish this. I used cuts that I've already learned from my previous videos, masking, match cuts, and camera swipes. Masking is a pretty tedious affair so I abandoned doing it halfway through the video because I wanted to release this within my lifetime. Haha!

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