Tactical low risk pass because of White GMC Yukon Slug

Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

The action starts at 1:40 The other tactical video is here :: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hGVHD9FSso&t=1s

Okay, she or he did not see the driver ...... don't care to, was doing 26-30 on the back road. Not bad but making a traffic jam behind it. I assist the situation & wait patiently for the lowest risk to pass. I stepped on the gas, as I am passing it speeds up trying to keep me out. BAD IDEA FOR ANYONE IN THE SPOT am I right. I lean over to its lane forcing a brake then taking not asking but taking the lane back. Almost taking its hood and or bumper. BUT I know my truck and the measurements and know how long it is. VERY IMPORTANT. I had enough room and if it would not let me over I have no problem putting them in the ditch. I will help them back out but will put them there first. DO NOT SPEED UP TO KEEP SOMEONE OUT. I passed with respect and bear no ill well to it. but off camera, there was a back CHEVY that was bolder and a little ruder in his actions did the same thing. Mine is tactical because of your assets the risk know the size of your vehicle, and when in doubt stay the hell out. NO offense. If you are going to drive very slow do not speed up when people pass you. If big enough and don't give a Shu Shu about you ;) you might get hit or end up roadside benched. I saw the oncoming truck and the risk was a head or side punch. I choose sid punch because of she speeds up. bad call it. I was in the right, I know I was now it's up for you to decide. Others can learn from me how to safely do a calculated low-risk tactical pass, or what might happen if you do so. & who might get stupid while you do so. This is James, I will have more to come. There will always be stupid driver. ....... Bless there little souls yes you may bless your little soul. ;) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9b_o9Tj-Ew

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