BUBBLE TEA served IN-FLIGHT? AirAsia flight - Penang To Singapore | 2019 |

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I recently flew from Penang to Singapore with AirAsia - this is my review.

On the flight from Singapore to Penang, I did not pre-book any seats or food. I was stuck in the last row on the plane next to a couple that took selfies for 38 minutes straight - I kid you not, I timed it.

So I decided for my flight from Penang to Singapore, that I will prebook a HOT seat and try out the onboard meal - Nasi Lemak. Check-in went quick and smooth and everything was on time. The HOT seat is not that much more comfortable, but if you're in a hurry to board and disembark the flight then it might be for you. I can't complain about the food either, it was tasty and just enough to keep the hunger at bay and for $4 I think it was definitely worth it as airport food is quite expensive.

AND THEN, I ordered the Bubble Tea to try it out. Little did I know what was about to hit my taste buds while I am soaring above the clouds! Bandung Milk Tea with Sago and Pearls... YUMMMM! Freshly made on board! I am about to start a petition to request ALL airlines to start serving bubble tea on board... Who is in?

And so we landed, on time at the most wonderful airport in the world - CHANGI AIRPORT! Total time from landing to getting my luggage??? 10 MINUTES!!! Can you believe it? Yes I can't either...

Well, now watch my video, and I hope you enjoy the flight!

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... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXQF3JQAfMY

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