Cat Masseuse

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My wife giving a massage to our cat, Nina :)

The backstory:

On a sunday morning my wife and I were in bed with our cat Nina, working. Nina loves the attention and my wife loves to pet so when I saw what she was doing I immediately said "This is going straight to Cute Overload!" while getting the phone and started to film it.

Nina was found in our street meowing when we were going out one day, last December. We but gave her a little attention and she approached us without fear, rubbing herself on us. Usually street cats will run when we approach. She wasn't skinny and was affectionate so she must have had an owner before. The next day, when my wife got home, Nina was under a trash container with strong wind and rain. My wife picked her up, into the car, and straight to the vet. She's been with us ever since, and we remind ourselves how much better her life is now.

Funny story. See her naked belly? We wanted to neuter her so we took her to the vet. She'd already gotten anesthesia when they shaved her off, only to notice she already had a scar. That's how we're certain she did have an owner, although we don't know if she was abandoned or lost (we did put up flyers asking). She still got "drunk" from the anesthesia, though!


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