Master your asanas ⚱️ TWISTING ARM BALANCES⚱️

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⚱️ABOUT THE COACH ⚱️ Mathieu Boldron is the founder of Yinyasa Yoga and a traveling yogi. He teaches workshops and trainings around the world. Not only are Mathieu’s classes fun, profound, and challenging, they also allow students to experience a feeling of unity that brings lightness, awareness and clarity to their life.

He was born and raised in Paris. He discovered yoga as he was singing & acting in the Broadway Musical, The Lion King. As he performed in different shows in many languages and countries (« Sister Act » in Germany, « La Cage » in Belgium & many more), his practice became a way to root down, express himself, and balance his life.

⚱️Master Your Asanas⚱️ People always search for a way to practice challenging poses in an easy but fun way. This program is an opportunity for you to master them in a way that you may feel it amazing. It includes four selected asanas, Mathieu's personal morning routine and one sequence which is essential to upgrade your practice. To learn with Mathieu, you will experience more than you can imagine.

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