h3video1 VinylScratch VS Darkiplier an mlp video idea

Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

I hope a good animator gives a go at this - Did you know Darkiplier and DJ Pon-3 had a not so friendly past? well this storyboard video Idea of there battle against each other might intrigue you

this is a storyboard-ish video that I'm hoping an animator who can draw well can analyze it and pick it up to make it what I envisioned in the car earlier - here's the original idea - Eqg main 6 in trouble (villain darkiplier standing over them) on the ground then eqg vinyl scratch walks by with her headphones on and takes them off seeing what is happening to her friends she looks mad and starts to get emotional then energy from the main 6/7 ‘s elament cyristals beams toward vinyl. Vinyl scratch Ponys up and a blue & purple energy comes from her hands as she grabs her headphones and MP3 player as the purple and blue energy causes her headphones and MP3 player to turn into a bass cannon that Vinyl holds on her shoulder as her eyes narrow saying bitches love cannons fallowed be her and the cannon charging up shooting out a swirling blue beam of light that sounds like a remix of music from dubstep guns 1&2 credit to Markiplier on YouTube, and quynzel on deviant art for her amazing nowacking hellsing abridged meets epic wub time drawing https://quynzel.deviantart.com/ ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMdgCmeFRq0

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