FIRST IN SOUTH AFRICA | Note 10+ Unboxing 📦 and review

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

First Note10+ bought and reviewed in South Africa. We are excited to unbox the new Note 10+ and review it for you guys.

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I would like to thank Jason for all the hard work you put into getting this video edited. I would also like to thank Kelly and Butch from MTN at Knowles Shopping Centre in Pinetown for organizing the first Note 10+ on the first day of sale.

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Geeetech A10M - Ender 3 South Africa - Ender 3 World -

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Val Wolff - My wife for all her wonderful support Jason Wolff - All your hard work editing this video 3D Printing Nerd - Great channel with great knowledge Makers Muze - Great channel, lots of great topics

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