Snorkeling with the MANTA RAYS - Nusa Lembongan Part 2

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The journey in Nusa Lembongan continues...swimming and diving with the black tip sharks, manta rays and turtles. Highly recommend going on a snorkeling tour, if you planning on visiting this island.

The boat will take you to three different snorkeling spots, Manta Bay, Crystal Bay, and Mangrove. Even if you're not a good swimmer or an experienced diver you can definitely have fun. At the first spot which is Manta Bay, the waters can be rough but the two other spots are calm with beautiful, blue, crystal clear, warm waters. You can see turtles and all kinds of fish. Highly recommend again.

They're various companies offering the tours. Just make sure to look for a good deal and not get overcharged. The cost of the boat should be about 150-200K IDR (about $10-14). The fins and snorkeling gear are provided. All you have to bring is your sunscreen, underwater camera and a good attitude:-)

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Have fun and save traveling!!! xoxo ...

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