How to fix your DRONE in Bali

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

This week we made it our mission to fix Steve’s drone as it’s been acting up basically since we left Portugal. The only place that was open and was willing to work on the drone was Balicopter Repair store up in Canggu. So we jumped in a taxi for an hour and a half drive up north. The traffic was terrible but we managed to fix the drone so the trip was definitely worth it, plus I got some fun footage for the vlog. Shout out to the Balicopter for their help, professionalism and quick repair. I was super impressed by Putu, the guy who was helping us out. He learned how to work on drones from watching YouTube videos. Yeah man, good for you!

We also, saw our friend Craig before he went back to San Diego. Unfortunately, he had an accident surfing and ended up with 17 stitches in his forehead. Thankfully he’s ok and able to laugh at the whole thing. Glad we got to catch up with him before he left.

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Virtual Hugs. Ewa

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