How to do a VISA RUN in Indonesia

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A visa run is a term popular among expats living in Indonesia. You’re allowed to be in Bali for up to 30 days on a free, tourist visa. If you want to stay for more than 30 days but not more than 60 days you can either apply for the 30 day extendable VOA or you can do what they call a visa run.

Visa run basically means that to renew your visa you simply have to exit and enter the country again. Singapore & Kuala Lumpur are usually the cheapest return flights from Bali and many people fly out and fly back in in the same day! The flight will cost you anywhere between $180-$200 round trip. Other places you can do visa runs are Perth in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines. You can make it a fun couple of day getaway.

Just a little warning when doing your visa run to Singapore. There have been rumors that Singapore has been making a big stink over all the expats flying to their country for the day on visa runs from Indonesia. Some have even been detained and sent back, causing all sorts of problems. When passing through Singapore immigration, as far as anyone is concerned, you are not on a visa run. You are there to see a friend or for a quick meeting. Better yet, stay for a couple of days as a tourist and you should have no problem.

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