Wacom mobile studio pro review II "behind the closed DOORs December 13 2016"

Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

In todays episode we take a more in depth look at the Wacom Mobile studio pro 16.

I show you how it performs with my workflow for retouching, some cool additions to Windows I found that makes the experience a bit better for "mac users", a new awesome keyboard and how the stylus works in Manga studio.

I also walk you through the whole calibration process of the device and give you a tip on how to get two different setting for mimicking print and working outside.

REMEMBER this is the vlog version of the review, I do these raw and simple to get the info out there asap, we will be filming a more proper review (although shorter) before the end of the year when I know the device a bit better.

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