Tips for shooting live concerts and the Wibi Soerjadi christmas concert BTCD Dec 27 2017

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In todays episode I share some of my tips for shooting live concerts PLUS we take you behind the scenes during a very special concert. And I share some info on the new Sony A7RIII

I've been shooting Dutch Piano player Wibi Soerjadi for many years and over the years we have become good friends, which gives me an unique opportunity to shoot images during his concerts. Today we take you to the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam where Wibi plays his Christmas concert.

This was a very special one because it was the first time ever an artist sold out the concert gebouw 25 years in a row, PLUS it was Wibi's 35th year active as a professional musician.

You get to see parts of the concerts, get my tips and some info on Wibi of course, plus the behind the scenes videos and end results. All accompanied by the amazing music of Wibi.

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