Tip : Skin retouching with frequency separation

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In this episode of Quite Frankly a quick technique for almost flawless skin retouching via frequency separation.

This very powerful (and fast) technique is more precise and better than most plugins and gives you great control, the start is always the same, but after that every photographer/retoucher will find their own way of continuing, in this video I show you the way I use the technique when I need something fast but better than plugins.

Remember that to keep the time of the video on the short side the retouching is done more "sloppy" than you would on a commercial job, it does however show you all the techniques....

This is episode 33 in the "Quite Frankly" series. Feel free to subscribe to our channel for more. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt9UMG3vv7k

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