Tip: Metering for high contrast scenes and retouching DC

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In this tip from Digital classroom a very important one.

How do you use your meter on location to make sure that in retouching/post you have enough "play room" to get the maximum dynamic range.

One of the most asked questions when shooting high contrast scenes is "how to keep as much detail in the highlights and shadows as possible, and how to make the proper judgement on location"

With this simple light meter technique you can literally save hours of retouching work or even prevent images of being unusable because of loss of detail. In essence you can meter almost any scene and know exactly how to set up your strobes/lighting to get exactly the results you want.

Want to look like a magician for your clients? This is the technique that will save your images and give you the proper power over almost any situation. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d5vpiwvT4o

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