Review Techart AF for Manual lenses BTCD May 18 2018

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Don't you just love those vintage lenses? The beautiful bokeh, the amazing colors and awesome look? Or do you just want to save loads of money on lenses?

Well the Techart Pro is just for you. Older/vintage lenses are manual lenses, and that for most people is the main reason to not use them, but with the Techart Pro module this is a thing of the past (pun intended), with the Techart Pro module you can make "any" manual lens into an autofocus lens.

In todays episode we take an indepth look at this miraculous convertor plus I tell you the ins and outs for studio use, share some cool tips (for example how to create a macro lens from a standard lens) and loads more.

We also take a look BTS during the workshop "creativity and styling". ...

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