iPhone X vs Samsung Note 8 BTCD September 13 2017

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Disclaimer Someone pointed out to me that AFTER the keynote someone saw that you can actually switch between full screen mode and top black (or other color) mode. It doesn't really change my overall opinion but that is good news.

In todays episode a serious and indepth look at the iPhone X and comparing it to the Note 8 from Samsung.

A huge disclaimer, I'm a big Apple fanboy but also feel Apple is missing it's core customer base, the phones and products are without a doubt cutting edge but are missing vital parts like for example lightoutput (625 nits vs 1200 nits), but also design is taking over above usability, edge to edge screen looks great on paper but all apps should be adjusted.

In the video I show you that some apps will not work properly unless adjusted, I also explain HDR and my other opinions on the new flagship smartphone.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekou3d-WOTs

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