Digital Classroom, January 23. 3PM-5PM CET

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Frank Doorhofs Digital Classroom is sponsored by BenQ & Rogue.

This is a live, interactive, free, online broadcast from our studio in Emmeloord. And this time the topic is:

“Creative shoot with Small Flash”

What better flash to use in small spaces than Small Flash! You can place small flash in tight corners and shoot amazing images. And you can be creative too! And that is what this episode is all about: being creative with small flash in small places. Of course, a flexible model helps as well, but is not really necessary. You can play with angles to get a striking photo. You don’t have to have a big studio. Any space will do.

Frank will also show how to retouch your shots. You’ll see the complete workflow from shooting tethered and making the final selection, retouching with or without plugins till backup. In between Franks tells you about the importance of calibration and using a calibrated monitor. ...

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