Bye Bye Apple, Credit card Fraud and Photoshop World Day 1 BTCD April 20 2017

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

It finally happened, after long doubts I bought a new laptop and that actually means that my last MacOs device is now replaced.

Also in this episode some problems with credit card fraud and a tip for you guys to not experience this.

PLUS.... I take you behind the scenes during the first official day at Photoshop World, the keynote, meet the instructors, the party and so much more.

And as a added bonus we continue our tradition of the 1 second tips, get some amazing cool and handy tips from your favorite instructors at Photoshop World. In this episode for example Rick Sammon, Moose Peterson, Corey Barker, Stacey Pearsel, Brad Moore etc.

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